Darren & Sigourney with Big Bertha

Our Story

Meet Darren and Sigourney Keyte and their story goes a bit like this.

We are both grew up in Northern NSW. Darren’s childhood being horses and cattle and playing tennis with his brothers and Sigourney’s family owning and running a pub on the Clarence River and having a small farm where she also had horses and cattle. After school Darren pursued a career as a butcher.

We met in 2011 and were married in 2014 together we bought an independent butcher shop in Inverell.

Event Catering Box

How Our Catering Business Began

A rise in cattle prices and a drought seen us start catering at the local markets cooking steak sandwiches to help cover costs. It quickly escalated and before we knew it our catering business was nearly as busy as the butcher shop with not many free weekends left on our calendar. 

Big B BBQ burner under lights

Low and Slow BBQ

It was a nearly a year into catering when we attended Meatstock in Sydney. A showcase of a butcher competition, a barber competition, lots of food stalls and a BBQ Wars Competition. This is where we fell in love with “Low and Slow BBQ”. We were amazed by the quality of food on offer over the weekend and got to meet and greet some characters which told us that this was the game for us. We had never used a smoker but once we left, we ordered Big Bertha. A 36inch offset smoker on a trailer. 

“Big B” quickly became our pride and joy. She was built at the end of 2017 and has had many changes. As she is today, there is the 36 ” chamber and warmer with 2 sinks with running hot water, lights and a stainless steel work bench with storage.

We have an incredible team that helps every weekend and we are very grateful for them!